Daily use and maintenance of diesel generators
Jul 05, 2018

Diesel generator is a kind of independent power generation equipment, mainly to provide emergency power when power failure. As a matter of fact, most of the unit is in standby mode, and there is less opportunity to be put into use in practice. Most of the unit is mainly tested, and there is a lack of perfect detection and maintenance methods. But this emergency backup power is indispensable. How to make the generator in the ordinary use of less circumstances, emergency can be timely power supply, safe and reliable operation, after the end of power failure can be immediately shut down, daily maintenance is essential. Then the diesel generator manufacturer gives you the following analysis on the daily use and maintenance methods of diesel generators:

(1) battery

1. When the lead-acid battery is not in use for a long time, it shall avoid the battery damage. The battery shall be charged once a month to ensure that the battery pack is in full charge (the voltage is over 24V).

2. After discharging, the battery should be charged within the shortest time to avoid the vulcanization of the plate.

3. The height of the electrolyte surface of the battery should be regularly checked, generally 10-15mm higher than the top of the electrode plate. If abnormal conditions are found, dilute sulfuric acid or distilled water with a specific proportion of 1:400 should be added for adjustment. It is forbidden to add tap water, river water, well water or concentrated sulfuric acid.

4. Clean the surface of the battery frequently to ensure that the battery is clean and free from foreign matter, and that the connecting pile is free from corrosion.

5, when charging, the battery anode received positive dc charger power supply, battery anode received dc charger power of the cathode, and must be open pores, to allow the fumes, charging to escape and open, no naked light when charging.

6. During charging, the temperature of the electrolyte shall not exceed 45 degrees; otherwise, the charging current shall be reduced or cooling measures shall be taken to prevent the battery from overheating and shorten the battery life.

(2) diesel engine air filter

1. Maintenance of air filters; Check the status of air filter on the air intake resistance indicator, the indicator window changed from yellow to red, blue arrow 7.5 Kpa vacuum at the same time, indicates the filter need to be done as soon as possible dust cleaning and maintenance, maintenance after press the top of the indicator, to reset the indicator marks.

2, air filter in the cumulative work 100 hours should be clear away the dust in the dust bowl, and after each use 100-100 hours later, remove the filter with no more than 490 kpa of compressed air from the filter of the lumen out to blow, clean surface with brush, wash with water or oil is forbidden, found filter seriously damaged should be replaced in a timely manner.

(3) diesel engine oil filter element

1. Diesel engine oil filter should be disassembled and washed by diesel after every 200 hours of operation.

2. When the filter is damaged or seriously blocked, the filter element should be replaced timely.

3. Oil suction filter screen of cleaning machine oil pump.

Fuel filters for diesel engines

1. After the diesel engine runs for 100 hours, the oil supply is found to be unsmooth in use; Clean the fuel filter timely when using dirty fuel.

2. The fuel filter element should be soaked in diesel oil when cleaning, and the dirt on the filter element should be washed off gently with a brush.

3. If the filter element is difficult to clean or is broken, the filter element should be replaced timely.

Air cooler and radiator of water tank.

The above points are how to maintain the life of diesel generators.

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