The cause of cylinder sleeve damage of diesel generator
Jul 05, 2018

Severe wear, crack, cavitation and cylinder drawing are easy to occur because of the high temperature and high pressure, cavitation damage and mechanical stress of the cylinder sleeve. When the cylinder liner after severe wear, to cause a decline in internal cylinder compression pressure, power reduction, etc., if use a word screwdriver in dial the diesel engine flywheel ring gear, flywheel monitoring hole will see xin air; When the oil of the breathing apparatus has been ejected, there is a "snort" leakage sound in the starting time, which indicates that the cylinder sleeve, piston and other parts have been seriously damaged, and the causes are as follows:

1. Due to the failure of air filter, serious wear on cylinder sleeve, piston and piston ring caused by dust sand entering the cylinder. The main phenomenon is that the surface of cylinder sleeve is seriously depressed under the action of piston ring.

2. Due to the inferior has not suitable for high-temperature high-pressure work environment, easy to coking, oil can not be timely replacement carbide at the same time, carbon ring bite in the ring grooves, the seal failure. Difficult to start;

3. The piston expands when the machine temperature is too high or water shortage or water is broken, and the piston ring of the cylinder sleeve is bonded to make the working face seal fail;

4 parts damage, such as piston ring, piston pin card falls off spring, piston crack, in the process of assembly, often not clean, make the piston ring and piston produces scuffing and cannot start, symptoms are: the piston friction from the cylinder inwards when the engine cylinder liner "bit" sound. Moreover, the piston ring caused by uncleaning is more than one cylinder occluded with the piston.

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