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How to pick the perfect pressure washer?
Feb 26, 2021

The high-pressure washer is one of the important equipment in the cleaning industry. It is a cleaning machine connected to a high pressure pump through a high pressure outlet pipe. Different types of high pressure washers have different properties and use. So how to choose a high pressure washer?

(1) Look at the appearance

Elaborate design, compact structure, and fine manufacturing process can determine the quality of the pressure washer. Bison has consistently improved equipment and appearance during production, and minimized volume and weight on the premise of ensuring quality.

(2) Safety performance

Generally, high-pressure washers are driven by gasoline, diesel, or electric motors. So, it can also be divided into diesel pressure washer, gasoline pressure washer, and electric pressure washer. For an electric high-pressure washer, the water is conductive, and the impact generated by the high-pressure water gun is also great, So the safety performance of the high-pressure washer must be ensured.

(3) Choose the right pressure washer manufacturer

It is very important to choose a high-pressure washer manufacturer with mature technology. They can not only provide buyers with suggested parameters, but also design drawings. Bison will recommend the appropriate power, equipment size, nozzle type, etc. according to the buyer's needs.

(4) Choose according to customer requirement

You have to choose according to your own budget and usage scenarios. Bison provides pressure washer nozzles with different calibers to suit different cleaning objects. Besides, the connecting rod is also divided into long and short, which can meet the needs of different users. If you want to clean the inner walls of various pipes, we provide rotating high-pressure washer nozzles. There are several high-pressure nozzles, and they can spray in different directions.

PSItypeStandard Accessories
1450-3600gasoline, diesel, electrichose, filter, water connector, gun, nozzles,vulnerable parts pack

pressure washerportable pressure washer

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