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The Development Trend Of Plant Protection Mechanization
Jul 05, 2018

At present, the main methods of plant protection are chemistry, physics, biology and comprehensive prevention and treatment. Because the chemical prevention and control method has the characteristics of high efficiency and timely prevention and control, especially for those diseases and insect pests with sudden and large scale outbreak, it can be controlled and controlled in time. Therefore, it is still the main method to prevent and control pests of cordyceps sinensis in many countries in the world.

For now, on the one hand, and plant protection machinery in China's grain yield, forestry, animal husbandry has played a huge role in prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests, for countries to reduce food losses per year on average more than 350 kilograms, reduce lint loss more than 1000; For the current our country, on the other hand, spray equipment and technology is relatively backward, and applying pesticide pesticide utilization is only 20% ~ 40%, most of the pesticides (I for average annual consumption of all kinds of preparations of pesticide 700000 ~ 800000 tons) is lost to the soil and environment, not only waste, but also serious ecological environment pollution. So, in addition to the positive development of low toxicity and efficient methods of pesticide and the development of biological control, low levels of efficient drug-delivery technology research and equipment research and development, is still a long-term work.

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