High Pressure Pump Sprayer

The purpose of the High Pressure Pump Sprayer is to turn the syrup or other liquid into a mist and spray it evenly onto other objects....

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High Pressure Pump Sprayer

Product Description

The High Pressure Pump Sprayer is to turn the syrup or other liquid into a mist and spray it evenly onto other objects. This hand sprayer is based on Bernoulli equation, made by the principle that the liquid will flow from high pressure to low pressure and the high-speed water flow hits the obstacle and then breaks into small water droplets.

It is the necessary horticultural articles for the family to raise flowers. It is widely used in farming that it is suitable for disinfection of sanitation and epidemic prevention, hotels, greenhouses and warehouses; flower, bonsai, nursery water spraying and pest control, small pieces of farmland vegetables, fruit trees pest control.

It is modeled after the human back curve, that you can wear the pump sprayer like your backpack with comofrtable using experience that you can better  spray.It has a compact and reasonable structure, with corrosion resistance, good sealing, which is safe and reliable. 

The method of application is to cover the lid after filling with water, and there is a pumping handle on the side of the barrel for pressurizing the inside of the barrel, and then pressing the switch on the plunger after the pressure inside is able to work.

Quick Details

Type: Sprayers

Name:High Pressure Pump Sprayer

Brand Name: BISON

Model Number: BSM-16E

Sprayer Type: Knapsack

Material: Plastic

Plastic Type: Plastic

Usage: Agriculture

Name: power sprayer price list

Capacity: 16L

Spray lance: Plastic lance

Size: 35.5*18.5*51/38*19.5*55cm





3 nozzles


short rod

Net weight




Gross weight


Spray lance

plastic lance


1pc/color box







1. Q: Then, How can we customize the genset?

A: We can customize the color, style and configuration as your demands. 


2. Q: What color can you do for the sprayer?

A: Our usual color is Red, Black, Blue and Green. And for any special colors, please kindly contact us for more details.


3. Q: How can I get sprayer quotation? Can I talk to a live person?

A: Yes, Kindly leave us message with your purchase requirements and we will reply you within one hour on working time. And you may contact us directly by Trade Manager. We’re here 24*7.


4. Q: Do you have sprayer with grease/fat free?

A: Yes, we have, like Model No. 22MP/22MD/30MP/30MD/535A/535B….

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