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At BISON, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of high-quality diesel water pumps, designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Our extensive product line includes high pressure pumps, cast iron pumps, sump pumps and more, all engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.
As an industry leader, our state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated team of experts enable us to provide customized solutions based on your specific requirements. Choose BISON for unrivaled excellence in diesel water pump solutions.


diesel water pump

BISON diesel water pumps offer unparalleled fuel efficiency, robust performance, and exceptional durability, making them a top choice for diverse industrial and agricultural applications.

water pump machine 6

Water Pump Machine

The maintance cost for diesel water pumps are lower than gasoline type.The diesel water pumps

water tank pumps 6

Water Tank Pumps

1. Our diesel water pumps are standard packaged by strong carton box with plywood up

diesel driven water pumps 6

Diesel Driven Water Pumps

The diesel water pumps have advanced and reasonable structure.The diesel water pumps are more fuel-efficient.The

diesel fuel pump 3

Diesel Fuel Pump

We do machine testing 100% to ensure the good performace.We are factory, so we can

diesel motor pump 1

Diesel Motor Pump

  1. Portable compact
  2. Economical, reliable and durable
  3. Long run time – up to 13.5 hours
diesel trash pump 3

Diesel Trash Pump

Bison diesel water pumps are more fuel-efficient than other China diesel water pumps.

high pressure electric water pump31272580688 1

Pond Water Pump

Diesel water pumps are more reiable and safe.
The diesel water pumps are more

high pressure electric water pump31272580688 1

5hp Diesel Water Pump

The diesel powered water pumps are built with a cast?Caluminum housing and cast-iron wear parts

6 inch water pump

6 Inch Water Pump

Diesel water pumps are more reiable and safe.
The maintance cost for diesel water

high pressure electric water pump31272580688 1

Basement Water Pump

* Full frame protection ensures that the pump will still perform exceptionally well under harsh

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What makes us competitive?

Competitiveness of BISON Diesel Water Pump

Competitive BISON pricing

Through efficient resource management and bulk material sourcing, we achieve competitive pricing for BISON diesel water pumps. By optimizing production costs and minimizing waste, we can provide you with affordable, high-quality pump solutions without sacrificing performance.

Excellent performance

BISON diesel water pumps are designed to provide superior performance in a variety of applications. The high flow and pressure capabilities of our pumps ensure efficient water transfer, making them ideal for agricultural, industrial and construction use.

Various models and sizes

BISON offers a wide selection of diesel water pump models and sizes to meet the different needs of customers. Our versatile range of products ensures customers can find the perfect pump solution for their specific application, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

Fuel-saving operation

BISON's diesel water pumps are designed with fuel efficiency in mind. Our innovative pump technologies minimize fuel consumption while maintaining peak performance, reducing operating costs and making our pumps the environmentally friendly choice.

What makes us competitive?

BISON diesel generator comparison chart

Suction,discharge port diameter(mm)40(1.5″)50(2″)80(3″)50(2″)80(3″)100(4″)150(6″50(2″)50(2″)80(3″100(4″)
Rated head(m)6050702628311575907560
Self-priming time (s/4m)3030307012018020030303030
Max suction head (m)868
Rated capacity (m3/hr)18233836509618028354790
Engine modelBS173FBS178FBS186FABS173FBS178FBS186FABS192FBS178FBS186FABS186FABS192F
Speed (rpm)360032003600
Engine typeSingle-cylinder,vertical,4-stroke air-cooled diesel engine
Displacement (cc)296418498211296418498296418418498
Bore×stroke (mm)78×6286×7292×7570×5578×6286×7292×7578*6286*7286*7292*75
Starting systemRecoil or Electric
Fuel tank capacity (L)
Luxury big fuel tank(L)12.513.512.5
Gross weight(kg)45575938/5046/5860/7514148657593

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Yes, diesel water pumps are typically more powerful compared to electric water pumps. Their robust engines generate higher horsepower, enabling them to handle larger volumes of water and work in demanding conditions.

Yes, diesel water pumps can handle saltwater pumping. However, it’s crucial to choose a pump specifically designed for such applications and ensure proper maintenance to prevent corrosion.

Yes, many diesel water pumps are designed with portability in mind. They often feature sturdy frames or handles for easy transportation between different locations.

Oil changes, filter replacements, and periodic checks of parts like belts, hoses, and seals are all part of routine maintenance for diesel water pumps. It is important to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for particular maintenance needs.

Diesel water pumps are generally not designed to handle large debris or solids. It is recommended to use strainers or filters in the intake system to prevent clogging or damage to the pump.

Diesel Water Pump Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Pump for Your Needs


As BISON, a leading diesel water pump manufacturer, our goal is to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a diesel water pump. With numerous options on the market, our buying guide will provide you with essential considerations to select the perfect diesel water pump for your needs. Follow these steps to ensure you choose the right BISON diesel water pump for your business.

10 Essential Steps to Choosing the BISON Diesel Water Pump

Assess Your Water Pumping Needs

Before making a purchase, evaluate your specific water pumping needs. Consider factors such as the volume of water you need to move, the distance it needs to be transported, and the application requirements. This assessment will help you determine the necessary flow rate and head pressure, guiding your selection process.

Determine the Power Requirements

BISON diesel water pumps come in various power ratings, measured in horsepower (HP) or kilowatts (kW). Calculate the power requirements based on your water pumping needs and the type of application. Ensure the BISON pump you choose has sufficient power to handle the desired flow rate and head pressure.

Consider Portability and Mobility

Evaluate whether you require a portable or stationary BISON diesel water pump. If you need to move the pump frequently between different locations or job sites, opt for a portable model with handles or wheels for easy transportation. For stationary applications where the pump remains in a fixed location, a non-portable BISON pump may be more suitable.

Assess the Build Quality and Durability

BISON diesel water pumps are designed for use in demanding environments. Choose a pump that can withstand rugged conditions by looking for pumps with sturdy frames, corrosion-resistant materials, and durable components. High-quality BISON pumps will have better longevity, minimizing the risk of breakdowns and reducing maintenance costs.

Evaluate Fuel Efficiency and Tank Capacity

Consider the fuel efficiency of the BISON diesel water pump. Look for models that offer optimal fuel consumption, as this can significantly impact long-term operating costs. Additionally, assess the tank capacity of the pump to ensure it can operate for extended periods without the need for frequent refueling.

Check for Noise Levels

BISON diesel water pumps are designed with noise reduction in mind. If noise is a concern, particularly in residential or noise-sensitive areas, look for BISON pumps with noise-reduction features. Our pumps are often designed with sound-dampening materials or mufflers to minimize noise levels, providing a quieter working environment.

Research Brand Reputation and Warranty

As a reliable and reputable brand, BISON offers high-quality diesel water pumps with excellent performance and durability. We stand behind our products by providing a comprehensive warranty that ensures adequate coverage for potential defects or issues.

Consider Maintenance and After-Sales Support

BISON diesel water pumps are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Assess whether you have the resources and expertise to perform routine maintenance tasks. Additionally, BISON offers exceptional after-sales support, ensuring the availability of spare parts and assistance from authorized service centers. Prompt and reliable support is crucial in case of any issues or repairs.

Set a Budget

Based on your needs and the qualities you value most, decide on a budget. Finding a balance between quality, performance, and cost is crucial because BISON diesel water pumps exist in a variety of pricing ranges. When making a purchase, take the long-term value and return on investment into account.

Compare and Choose the Right BISON Pump

Once you have considered all the factors mentioned above, compare different BISON diesel water pump models that meet your criteria. To choose the pump that best suits your requirements and price range, compare their features, characteristics, and costs.


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