Diesel Water Pumps for Irrigation

Diesel Water Pumps for Irrigation can absorb and discharge large solid and long fiber impurity liquid. It can be widely used in municipal drainage and flood prevention projects, agricultural irrigation, etc.
The cabinets are all detachable structures, which are made of steel plates and is coated with high-performance anti-rust paint. It also has noise reduction and rainproof functions that it won’t influence your daily life and work….

Parameter Description

– Product Parameter

Name Diesel Water Pumps for Irrigation
Brand Name BISON
Model Number BSDWP40
Theory Centrifugal Pump
Structure Piston Pump
Usage Water
Power Hydraulic
Standard or Nonstandard Standard
Fuel Diesel
Pressure Low Pressure
Application farm irrigation
Certificate CE, ISO
Warranty 1 year
Delivery   Time 20-25 days
Dimension: 65*48*74 mm
Weight 67 kg
20GP/   40HQ 120*252 sets
Optional Recoil /electric start

– Product Description

*Diesel Water Pumps for Irrigation can absorb and discharge large solid and long fiber impurity liquid. It can be widely used in municipal drainage and flood prevention projects, agricultural irrigation, etc.

*It has a simple structure, indoor mobile design, good self-absorption performance, strong pollution discharge capacity, high efficiency. Compact frame, the equipment is small in size which is quite easy to move and carry. Also, it is energy-saving with low energy consumption.

*With the scientific and ergonomic design, the water pump is easy to operate, which is also convenient to maintain and clean, greatly prolonging its service life.

*Produced with strict standards, the diesel water pumps are of guaranteed quality since our company has already got the certification of CE and ISO.

– Product Details

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Irrigation pump buying guide:

1. Correctly choose the size of the irrigation pump

You first need to figure out how many nozzles you have and their GPM and PSI requirements. However, do not choose an oversized irrigation pump. Doing so may cause damage to your irrigation sprinklers.

2. How much water do you pump? How far are you pumping?

In order to maintain the best flow and pressure, you need to carefully measure your use environment, choose the most suitable irrigation pump and you need to buy the right discharge pipe.

3. Startup method

Most pumps are self-priming, but some pumps require you to fill the pump with water during the initial installation to force air out and allow the impeller to start sucking water.

Our water pump parts

engine connecting rod

The mechanical strength belongs to the density of ADC12 aluminum alloy cast aluminum, and the weight monitoring can ensure the consistency of structural tensile strength and processing CPK

pump engine piston

Adopt Z109 material to increase the wear resistance and reduce thermal deformation, to ensure the weight of the piston and the accuracy of machining

pump engine case

Using high-precision fixtures, machining center equipment to ensure precision, and high-density material strength, BISON's box can meet the durability test for 125 hours, and can meet emission standards

intake and exhaust valves

BISON only adopts high-quality pump heads with sufficient materials (reasonable and thick alloy ratio) and excellent processing technology (oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, mold, flatness, and sealing)

water pump testing

BISON water pump comprehensive test bench is equipped with a comprehensive test tank, which is higher than the national standard sampling inspection type and durable, ensuring the quality of the product in all aspects.

Test the pump suction online and simulate negative pressure detection. 100% full inspection to determine the extremely low failure of the product

Regular outdoor field testing of water pumps to ensure the pumping efficiency of the product in practice

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