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BISON’s competitive and cheap gasoline generator factory prices will give you an advantage in your own market. China BISON is a professional gasoline generator factory&supplier. Wholesale 2022 best gasoline generator at the competitive price.

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Low Noise

Since the crankshaft is directly connected to the motor, it doesn’t run as smoothly as a lubricated belt-driven compressor. But rest assured, BISON generators are designed in such a way that they produce less noise than other generators available in the market.

Low Energy Cost

For those who use generators regularly, it should be as energy efficient as possible to reduce the total cost. BISON generatods give you quick reaction and performance every time you turn them on.

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More Reliable

That’s reasonably reliable and sturdy machines.BISON offers high-quality Gasoline Generator, Diesel Generator, Inverter Generator which means you can find any type generators in Even if you need to customize, BISON will meet your requirements.

0.5 ~ 3.0 KW BISON Gasoline Generators

3.5 ~ 8.0 KW BISON Gasoline Generators

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Electric generators work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. A conductor coil (a copper coil tightly wound onto a metal core) is rotated rapidly between the poles of a horseshoe type magnet. The magnetic field will interfere with the electrons in the conductor to induce a flow of electric current inside it.

We are a generator factory located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. There are currently 2 factories with an annual output of more than one million units and more than 400 employees.

Quality control is essential to building a successful business that delivers products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. It also forms the basis of an efficient business that minimizes waste and operates at high levels of productivity. So, each of our products, whether raw materials or finished products, will be inspected and tested one by one.

Various fuel types have different requirements for storage or transportation, and vary greatly in cost and availability. This needs to be selected according to the actual demand of the customer

This depends to a large extent on the manufacturer that produces the generator, as well as the frequency of the customer’s operation and maintenance of the generator

Gasoline Generators Wholesale: Everything You Need To Know

gasoline generator application

gasoline generator

As BISON has already said, there are various generators currently on the market. Among these types of gasoline generators, they can usually be divided into the following types:

  • Standard gasoline generator: They are generators that generate electricity from gasoline and have the usual noise level of this equipment.

  • Quite gasoline generator: They are equipped with a muffler to reduce the noise generated when generating electricity.

  • Two-stroke generator: They are basic and convenient generators, recommended for those who value easy mobility.

  • Four-stroke generator: a higher power generator, very suitable for fixed locations and frequent use, such as homes or companies.

  • Portable generator: very suitable for food trucks, caravans, etc.

  • Inverter generator: Will not cause damage to electronic equipment due to voltage changes.

What to consider before wholesale gasoline generators?

  • Noise: Most gasoline generators are between 50 and 100 decibels. More wattage usually means higher decibel levels. If you are worried about noise, you can choose to wholesale a quite generator.

  • Location: It must work in a ventilated environment.

  • Engine type: It can be 2-stroke or 4-stroke, depending on the power you need

  • Three-phase or single-phase: Three-phase is used for machinery that requires more power, and single-phase is used for equipment with less power.

  • Power: Gasoline generators can produce anything from a few hundred watts to over 10,000 watts. If you just want to sell to people who love camping, you can consider BISON small gasoline generator, 2-3kw power can meet the needs of camping. If you are looking for a home portable generator that can power many items, you will need to choose BISON high-end models. You must correctly choose the power that suits your needs.

  • Classic or inverter generator: If you want to use more sensitive appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, laptops, etc. Inverter generators produce “cleaner” electricity.

Gasoline generator maintenance

In all types of generators, good maintenance is essential to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong its service life. If the gasoline generator is operating under a lot of dust or high temperature, it must be maintained more frequently.

Maintenance plan:

  • Engine oil: Check the oil level before each use. Change the oil every 20 hours for the first and second time. The oil is changed every 100 hours thereafter.
  • Oil filter: check and clean every 50 hours. Replace it when it looks bad.
  • Spark plug: Clean and adjust the electrode every 100 hours. Replace when damaged.
  • Fuel valve filter: clean every 300 hours or 1 year.
  • Engine valve: adjusted every 500 hours.
  • Combustion chamber: clean every 500 hours.
  • Fuel tank: Clean every 500 hours.
  • Fuel hose: Replace every two years or when damaged.

If you are interested in Chinese gasoline generators, you will be surprised by the variety of product types of gasoline generators. As we all know, quality and safety are the priority concerns of generator buyers. Here you will find high-quality, high-safety gasoline generators. BISON is convinced that it can provide all equipment sales, services and solutions for your various industrial applications.