900 Watt Max Starting 2 Cycle Gas Powered Generator

900 Watt Gasoline generator is specifically designed to meet power demand. At just 19kg and wrapped in a tough steel frame, this rugged go-anywhere design can be easily carried, strapped down for transport or secured into position on site. With advanced inverter technology, it produces 100% pure-sine wave power for even your most sensitive electronic equipment. Rugged Steel Open-Frame Design
Compliant 4-Stroke Engine
Automatic Overload and Low Oil Protection.

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What is 900 Watt Gasoline Generator?

This 900 Watt Gasoline generator as an ideal choice for hunters, campers or tailmen. 900 watt Gasoline powered generator runs small household appliances with 50% load and full tank of gasoline for 5 hours. For safety reasons, it has recoil start and overload protection. And  this small style make it will be the convenient portable generator and  easy to carry, and can provide power at a critical moment.



-750 watts maximum output

-900 watt continuous rated output

Please note: "Continuous rated output" is the power that the generator will continue to provide reliably. We strongly recommend that you consider this number when determining whether the model meets your requirements.

  • Mode BS 1E45F

  • AC voltage: 120/240/380V 50/60 Hz

  • Fuel type: ordinary unleaded 95 

  • Fuel tank capacity: 5.5 liters

  • Engine type: OHV air-cooled single cylinder 4-stroke

  • Oil type: 10W-30 / 10W-40 / 15W-30 / 15W-40 

  • Continuous working time: 4 hours (50% load) 3 hours (100% load)

  • Start the system: pull the recoil to start



  • Lightweight and compact size

  • Operate lights, coffee machines or gadgets at a noise level below 68 decibels in camps, huts or job sites

  • It is very suitable for small household appliances, such as portable TV, radio, small stove, grill and so on


900 Watt Gasoline Generator 
Working Power650W900 Watt Gasoline
Max Power900W
TypeSingle Cylinder,2-stroke


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What  900 Watt Gasoline Powered generator could do,let us see.

Jack:Due to tropical storm Isaias, the power was cut off for 10 days. this Gasoline Powered is my lifeline because it runs my whole house, but I have to pay attention to load management because it can't run all the devices at the same time. The 900 Watt Powered Generator runs the refrigerator, washing machine, gas dryer, dishwasher, several televisions and 3 tons of central air conditioner, though not at the same time. My neighbors couldn't believe the power of this little monster. thank you;

May:This 900 Watt Generator has been used in the last 3 camping trips (3 days trip) and is very satisfied with its effect



All the Raw material Will be tested one by one by sophisticated instruments to make the quality will be good;After the power assembly is completed, the performance of each power will be tested one by one;Before shipping ,all the machine will be test by the professional instrument ,Let the data tell the truth

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Based on our excellent quality and service, our company has long-term partnerships with many famous enterprises, and the products spreading all over the world.

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1. Q:Are you a factory or trading company?                                                                       

A:  We are a factory.


2. Q:How long is the production lead time?  

A:It takes 30 days for MOQ. We have large production capacity, which can ensure fast delivery time even for large quantity.

3. Q:How about guarantee?                                                                    

A:  1 year 

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