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If you are looking for a reliable and economical small diesel generators for home or business, Taizhou BISON Generator Manufacture Factory is the best choice for you.

With years of experience and a commitment to quality, BISON offers a wide range of diesel generators designed to meet the needs of different applications. Whether you need a generator for a construction site, an outdoor event, or for emergency backup power, BISON has generators that will meet your needs.

Open Frame Diesel Generators

BISON open frame diesel generators boast a lightweight design that is easy to carry, ensuring efficient cooling and an extended run time, making it an affordable option for users with different budgets, while its simple maintenance allows for quick access to components, enhancing user convenience.

Silent Diesel Generators

Discover BISON silent diesel generators featuring ultra-quiet operation, fuel efficiency, compact design, low maintenance requirements and advanced power output control, all expertly engineered to provide a reliable and discreet power solution.

standby diesel generator41423500564

Standby Diesel Generator

Introducing our standby diesel generator, the BS8500SE, engineered to deliver reliable power during critical moments.

silent 15kw generator28581394541

silent 15kw generator

The BISON 15kW silent diesel generator is a powerful and reliable generator that is perfect

diesel generator set 2

Diesel Generator Set

Air Cooled Powerful Gasoline Generator – Product Parameter Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand

Start your Chinese diesel generator wholesale business from now on.

What makes us competitive?

Competitiveness of BISON Diesel Generator

Low Noise

BISON diesel generators employ advanced noise reduction technology and soundproof enclosures, ensuring quiet performance suitable for residential areas, events, and other noise-sensitive environments., allowing you to enjoy reliable power without disturbing your surroundings.

Superior Efficiency

BISON diesel generators offer exceptional fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs and maximizing runtime. With advanced technology and optimized engine performance, you'll experience longer service intervals and lower fuel consumption.

Unmatched Reliability

BISON diesel generators are designed for consistent performance and reliability, ensuring your power needs are met even in the most demanding situations. With features like automatic voltage regulators, overload protection, and a robust engine design, you can depend on BISON generators for stable power output.

High-Quality Manufacturing

Certified by ISO 9001:2015, BISON ensures top-notch craftsmanship and durability in every generator. Built with high-grade materials and rigorous quality control processes, our generators are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions.

What makes us competitive?

BISON diesel generator comparison chart

Diesel GeneratorBS3500DSEBS5000DSEBS6500DSEBS7500DSEBS8500DSEBS9500DSEBS10500DSEBS11500DSE
Rated frequency(HZ)50/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/60
Rated voltage(V)

Max power(KW)34.655.56.58910
Rated power(KW)

Single phase/Three phase

Starting systemElectric startElectric startElectric startElectric startElectric startElectric startElectric startElectric start
Fuel tank volume(L)1515151515/3015/303030
Compression ratio20:0119:0119:0119:0119:0119:0119:0119:01

Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, 4-stroke,Diesel engine.

Ignition system

Compression combustion

Noise level(dB)7272727272727272

We are a generator factory located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. There are currently 2 factories with an annual output of more than one million units and more than 400 employees.

Quality control is essential to building a successful business that delivers products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. It also forms the basis of an efficient business that minimizes waste and operates at high levels of productivity. So, each of our products, whether raw materials or finished products, will be inspected and tested one by one.

Diesel fuel is more fuel-efficient and less flammable than petrol, which is why diesel generators use it. They are also better suited for heavy loads and extended usage.

Regular maintenance is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of a diesel generator. It is generally recommended to service the generator every 250 hours of operation or as specified by BISON. Routine maintenance includes oil and filter changes, checking fuel levels, inspecting electrical connections, and overall system checks.

Absolutely! Diesel generators are a popular choice for residential backup power. They can supply electricity during blackouts, ensuring that vital systems and appliances like lights, refrigerators, and HVAC units continue to run. It’s crucial to choose a generator size that corresponds to your home’s power needs.

Even while diesel generators generate fewer pollutants than their previous counterparts, they still produce carbon emissions. But because of technological improvements, stricter emission limits are now being met by more ecologically friendly diesel engines. Additionally, using biodiesel or adding emissions control systems can further reduce environmental impact.

Diesel Generator Dealer Buying Guide: Making the Right Choice


As a diesel generator, it is vital to understand the factors that influence your customers’ purchasing decisions. Our buying guide will help you become a diesel generator expert and assist your customers in making the right choice. From determining power requirements to evaluating features to considering maintenance needs, let BISON explore the fundamentals that help customers make purchasing decisions.

Assess the customer’s electricity needs

The first step in choosing the right diesel generator is evaluating power requirements. Encourage your customers to consider appliances, equipment or systems that will need power during a power outage or in remote locations. Help them list their wattage requirements and calculate the total power needed. This will allow you to recommend the right generator size and power output for their needs.

Consider portability

Portability should be considered especially if your customer requires a generator for mobile operations, outdoor activities or construction sites. Provide portable generators that can be moved around and stationary generators that will stay in one place to meet different customer needs.

Noise level

Generator noise levels can vary widely, so this aspect must be considered, especially if your client plans to use the generator in a residential area or in a noise-sensitive environment. Alternate generators with lower decibel ratings or generators equipped with sound enclosures to minimize noise pollution.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency plays a vital role in the operating costs of diesel generators. Offer fuel-efficient models, as this can save your customers a lot of money over time. Consider generators with advanced fuel injection systems or energy-saving features that optimize fuel consumption.

Run time and fuel capacity

Estimate the runtime and fuel capacity of each generator. Long run times are desirable, especially during extended power outages. Additionally, generators with larger fuel tanks will require fewer refueling intervals, providing your customers with convenience and uninterrupted power supply.

Robustness and reliability

When choosing a diesel generator for your inventory, give preference to models known for their robustness and reliability. Choose generators that are made of high-quality materials and have a solid construction to ensure they can withstand a variety of conditions and provide reliable power for years to come. Focus on working with well-known brands like BISON that consistently deliver durable and trustworthy products.

Security Features

Make sure the diesel generator you supply is equipped with the necessary safety features. These may include automatic shut-off mechanisms in the event of low oil levels or engine failure, as well as protection against voltage spikes and overloads. Safety should always be a top priority.

maintenance factors

Consider the maintenance requirements of the diesel generator you supply. Some models require frequent maintenance, such as oil and filter changes, while others may be designed with self-maintenance features or extended service intervals. A range of options are available to suit customers’ varying preferences, enabling them to choose the generator that best meets their maintenance expectations.

Budget considerations

Provide diesel generators at different prices to suit customers with different budgets. Remember to emphasize the long-term value and benefits the generator provides, rather than just focusing on the upfront costs.

Warranty and Customer Support

Check the warranty coverage provided by the manufacturer. A solid warranty gives your customers peace of mind and protects their investment. Partner with a manufacturer like BISON who offer excellent customer support and warranty coverage.

in conclusion

All in all, diesel generators are essential to provide reliable and efficient electricity for various purposes. They are perfect for both personal and industrial use due to their outstanding qualities including efficiency, reliability, portability and powerful power output. By understanding these key factors and stocking up on quality diesel generators from reputable manufacturers like BISON, you will be able to guide your customers in making the right choice for their power needs.


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