portable for home use diesel generator machine

  • 9,000 running watts and 10,000 peak watts(Diesel)
  • A 25L fuel tank gives you up to 8.5 hours of continuous operation at half load
  • Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled, OHV engine with electric start is protected by a durable powder-coated frame
  • Electric start offers easy ignition with backup emergency recoil start
  • Light body weighing 107 lbs. with as low as 68 dBA operating volume
  • 120-Volt/240-Volt selector switch allows for more flexible power draw per outlet
  • Convenient drop-down handles and 10” never-flat wheels for added mobility and easy storage
  • Fail-safe overload / Low oil / Over temp engine protection
Parameter Description


BISON portable diesel generators are the perfect choice for home users and dealers alike. They are portable, quiet, fuel-efficient, and reliable. Operating at a frequency of 50 Hz, this generator offers a maximum power output of 12 KW and a rated output of 11 KW, making it a potent solution for diverse applications.

BISON portable diesel generators are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for home use. They can be easily moved to different locations around your home or property, or even taken with you on camping trips or other outings.

BISON portable diesel generators are equipped with advanced noise suppression technology, making them much quieter than traditional diesel generators. This is important for home use, as you don’t want your generator to be a nuisance to your neighbors or yourself.

Additional benefits for you

  • High demand: BISON portable diesel generators are in high demand from homeowners, construction companies, and other businesses. This means that you can be sure to sell a large number of generators each year.
  • Competitive pricing: BISON portable diesel generators are competitively priced, giving you a good margin for profit.
  • Excellent support: BISON provides excellent support to its dealers, including technical support and marketing assistance. This can help you to sell more generators and grow your business.


Working Power 9kW
Max Power 10kW
Model BS192F
Type Single Cylinder,2-stroke
G.W(KG) 74
Dimension(mm) 420*340*325

power equipment diesel fuel portable details power equipment diesel fuel portable details 2


All the Raw material Will be tested one by one by sophisticated instruments to make the quality will be good; After the power assembly is completed, the performance of each power will be tested one by one; Before shipping, all the machines will be test by the professional instrument, Let the data tell the truth

About manufacturing:

Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility, this portable generator undergoes rigorous quality control and testing to meet industry standards. Our factory employs advanced technology and adheres to stringent manufacturing processes to ensure each generator is crafted with precision and reliability in mind.

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Our Superiorities

Dive deep into the world of BISON high-quality generators, where unrivaled performance meets highest reliability.

100% all-copper motor

Offering durability and superior energy efficiency

Fuel Injection Pump

Higher injection pressure, optimal injection rate, higher precision injection timing control and quantity control.

Powerful pull plate

Easy to start pull plate, guarantee more than 10,000 pulls

Robust Frames

Professional welding and painting process to ensure the beauty and stability of the rack

portable for home use diesel generator machine Perfect inspection process

Inspection process leaves no room for compromise, ensuring that every diesel generator we produce is flawless.

portable for home use diesel generator machine assembly process

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