home 6kw diesel backup generator

  • Designed with a low noise unit. It has a big muffler, effectively reduces noise. The housing and frame has shock absorber function.
  • The low oil pressure and low oil level protection of the motor ensure long working time of the large-capacity oil tank. The circuit breaker provides overload protection and capacitor voltage regulator to ensure stable voltage output.
  • Equipped with durable four-wheel drag-type base structure, it is easy to move and you can move the machine easily and silently. With the scientific and ergonomic design, it is available to work at night due to the stable operation with no noise.
  • Guaranteed quality, the generator is quite cost effective and it is widely used in daily life.
Parameter Description

BISON home 6kW diesel backup generator is mainly designed to generate electricity which is powered by diesel. It is perfect for home, farm and industrial use as a portable power supply or where mains power is temporarily unavailable. It can make people continue their work without disturbing the normal operation. With a 6kW output, it can power a wide range of essential appliances and electronics, including refrigerators, freezers, lights, and computers.

The home diesel backup generator is designed specifically for residential use. It is compact and easy to operate, making it ideal for homeowners with no prior experience using generators.

The diesel backup generator is a reliable backup power source for your home. It is equipped with an automatic start feature that will turn on the generator automatically when the utility power goes out. This ensures that your home will always have power, even during a power outage.

– Product Parameter

Model Number: BS7500DSE Rated Power: 6.0/6.5KW
Speed: 3000/3600 Frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated Voltage: 110/220/230/380 Rated Current: 12V/8.3A
Exporting countries: Russia, Peru, Nigeria, Libya, Kuwait, Korea, Italy, Iraq
Generator Spare Parts: Stator and Rotor, AVR, Carbon Brush, Fuel Tank, Muffler
Optional: Recoil Start, Electric Start, Single Phase, Three Phase, Color
Certification: CE, ISO
Engine Type: 2-Cylinder, 4-strock, Air-cooled Diesel Engine
Generator Output Power: 2kw, 3kw, 4.2kw, 5kw, 6kw, 7kw, 8kw, 9kw, 10kw, 12kw All
Dimension: 935*525*680mm Weight N/G: 170/175kg

– Product Details

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Why should choose BISON home 6kW diesel backup generator:

BISON is a professional diesel generator supplier with a long history of providing high-quality products and services. This generator is a reliable and affordable power solution for residential use. BISON offers a wide range of support services to its dealers, including marketing assistance, technical support, and parts replacement.

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Our Superiorities

Dive deep into the world of BISON high-quality generators, where unrivaled performance meets highest reliability.

100% all-copper motor

Offering durability and superior energy efficiency

Fuel Injection Pump

Higher injection pressure, optimal injection rate, higher precision injection timing control and quantity control.

Powerful pull plate

Easy to start pull plate, guarantee more than 10,000 pulls

Robust Frames

Professional welding and painting process to ensure the beauty and stability of the rack

home 6kw diesel backup generator Perfect inspection process

Inspection process leaves no room for compromise, ensuring that every diesel generator we produce is flawless.

home 6kw diesel backup generator assembly process

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