recoil gasoline portable generator single-phase

4-stroke|196cc|2500 W|110/220V
ce 1
2 years warranty
epa 1
  • 100% copper alternator
  • Continuous running time: above 300H
  • Easy to start
  • Stable start with little shake
  • Overload / Low oil safety
  • Instantly reach rated power
  • More than 3 fashionable styles
  • Optional recoil and electric start
no brand30 sets
OEM standard50 sets
OEM special100 sets

BS2800 Specifications

Model BS2800
Maximum Power of the Generator (KW) 2800 W
Rated Power of the Generator (KW) 2500W
Rated output voltage (Volt) 1 Phase / 3 Phases (Optional)
Over Load Protector (OLP) YES
Rated frequency (Hz) 50 / 60 Hz
Rated Current (Amp) 16
Power factor 1.0 (Single Phase) / 0.8 (Three Phases)
Fuel Tank Capacity 15L
Fuel option #92, #95 Unleaded Gasoline
Socket rating 16A
Self start motor Recoil start/Electric start
Fuel consumption at 100% Load 1.2kg/h
Fuel consumption at 75% Load 1.1kg/h
Fuel consumption at 50% Load 0.85kg/h
Continuous Duration of operation at Rated load (hour) 8
Ignition system T.C.I
Noise Level (dB) at rated load (from 4-meter distance) 93.2
Engine & Emission Specifications
Engine Model BS168F-1
Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine Speed 3000(50 Hz) / 3600(60 Hz) RPM
Bore × Stroke 68*54mm
Engine Displacement 196 cc
Engine/Motor Type 1-Cylinder, Air-Cooled, 4-Stroke, Direct Injected,OHV
Engine Oil grade #5W-40
Fuel Capacity 0.6L
Low Oil Shutdown/Alert Yes
Recoil Start Yes
Electric Start Optional
Type of alternator 100% Copper (Corrective Wave)
Rotor RPM 3000
Alternator Size 160*100mm

Presenting BISON recoil gasoline portable generator single-phase, a compact powerhouse engineered to meet your most rigorous power demands.

  • Single-phase power: BS2500 provides single-phase power, perfect for residential and small business applications. It ensures stable and consistent power supply while simplifying the connection process.
  • Recoil start: Our generator features a recoil start system, allowing for a quick and easy startup. This traditional pull-start mechanism is both dependable and straightforward, providing immediate power when you need it.
  • Portability: This generator is designed with portability in mind. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it ideal for on-the-go power needs, from camping trips to outdoor events.
  • Fuel efficiency: Our generator is designed to maximize fuel efficiency, ensuring longer run times and reducing operational costs.
  • Safety measures: The unit includes safety features such as low-oil shutdown and overload protection to prevent damage to the generator and connected devices.
  • Robust construction: Built using high-quality materials, our generator is designed to withstand harsh conditions and deliver long-lasting performance.

As a dealer, offering our BS2500 generator means providing your customers with a reliable, efficient, and portable power solution. For more information or to place an order, please get in touch with us today. Elevate your product range with the addition of our superior generator.

recoil gasoline portable generator single phase details
recoil gasoline portable generator single phase details 2
recoil gasoline portable generator single phase details 3

A class core parts

Selected high-quality mechanical parts ensure output performance and stable operation

Panel Line-International line-Non-miscellaneous, to ensure stable output of current.–Miscellaneous brands –Leading unstable current.
Carburetor-In the bottom have the salt spray–Easy to start and low Oil –Safety and longer life–Normal specification –large fuel consumption and short life
High voltage set–Use environmentally-friendly imported electrical devices –without adding sand or plastic to keep stable–The quality of accessories is uneven and the operation is unstable –Normally 1k
Motor–Work with the better raw materials supplier–stand hard to break–100% copper motor –have the longer life–Product specifications are uneven, unable to withstand a large impact force, and only meet the 70% copper content
AVR–Using environmentally friendly imported electrical devices–Protections, voltage, current is more stable–Poor heat dissipation –Voltage and current is not stable
Crank case–Heavy crankcase; High processing accuracy–Standard aluminum; –Fast heat dissipation;–Weight is low, –Generally made of aluminum, with poor heat dissipation
Cylinder head–Main material above 838g; Use T heat treatment, could prevent deformation and ensure power–The base pipe uses EPA material; –The processing precision reaches 0.001mm–Non-standard manufacturing, –Poor wear resistance
Connecting rod assembly –Adopts casting process, which is different from die casting.–Using conventional die casting, –The ductility is poor, –Easy to cause fracture
Crankshaft–Have the good Tensile Strength–Not easy to break –have long lift–Normal Ball ink, the life will be short
Recoil –Meet tons of pulling–Only meet thousands of pulling
Muffler–lower noise in 65bd;–Various fashion models;–The noise reduction effect is normal, and –The product design is relatively single

tight quality contorl

product assembly process 1

recoil gasoline portable generator single-phase assembly process

  • Use special equipment to assemble, ensure the beaning, oil seal, governor gear effectively fit
  • When assembling nuts for each muffler, spring pads need to be installed to ensure the fit of each component and the maximum noise reduction effect
  • Use a special air gun, and use different torque standards for different parts
  • Water test is required in each engine assembly to ensure the tightness of itself
  • Pay attention to small details, add thread glue and spring washers to the bolts; add support feet to the motor bracket
  • More than 20 debugging processes throughout the whole process to ensure that the machine 100% meets the factory requirements
product inspection process

recoil gasoline portable generator single-phase inspection process

Inspection process leaves no room for compromise, ensuring that every gasoline generator we produce is flawless.


Professional technicians with 15-20 years of experience

performance commissioning

Performance Commissioning

machine assembly

Machine Assembly

artwork qa

Artwork QA

full inspection

Full Inspection

generator specialized inspection

Generator Specialized Inspection

parts assembly

Parts assembly

core assembly

Core Assembly

power specialized inspection

Power Specialized Inspection

Warranty Information

discounted accessories

Discounted Accessories

24 hour online 5 minute response

24-hour online, 5-minute response

engineer on site service

Engineer on-site service

Packaging & Delivery

All use 5 layers of corrugated boxes with strong packing belts.

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