800 W Portable Mini Generator for Home Use

Parameter Description

800 W Portable Mini Generator for Home Use

Product Description

This 800 w portable mini generator for home use is especially made for those who want to keep the normal power supply in their homes when grid utility power fails,which is not limited by the electric supply. It is portable, light-weight, and much cheaper than a permanent backup system.

With low fuel consumption, it is 50% greater fuel efficiency, and has strong reliability. The brushless design gives it a stable performance, low fault rate and strong instantaneous power. It has a good sound insulation, which keeps you away from noise pollution. The speed can be adjusted automatically according to the actual load changes. With a large capacity oil tank, it can provide more than 12 hours of continuous work. It can reduce the damage to electrical appliances. Bolted frame protection makes it durable, and it is easy to check and maintian. The filter core replacement time of diesel engine is 300H; The first replacement time of oil filter element is 50H and 250H later.

It is manufactured with strict QC procedures and advanced inspection devices that it is of superior quality,stable performance and extended service life.

It is perfect for outside activities and backup electric power supply in case of power failure,which is able to make the convenient life and work.On holidays or special festivals,you can still have a good time with your friends or family even if there is a sudden power failure.

Product Parameter

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Bison power
Model Number: BS1500FS Output Type: AC Single Phase
Speed: 3800RPM Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Rated Power: 1.0/1.1kw Rated Current: 12V/8.3A
Certificate: CE, ISO Warrenty: 500hours or 1 year
Function: Small generator to provide electric power for home use
Engine type: 1-Cylinder, 4-strock, Air-cooled Gasoline Engine
Engine Spare Parts: Carburetor, Camshaft, Spark Plug, Piston, Crankshaft, Crankcase
Generator Type: Electric Power Silent Portable Gasoline Generator
Optional: Recoil Start, Electric Start, Single Phase, Three Phase, Color

Operating procedures

  1. Fill up with gasoline
  2. Turn the damper to the starting position
  3. Turn the engine switch to the on position
  4. Pull the start handle 3-6 times until the engine starts
  5. After the engine runs smoothly, turn the damper to the running position.
  6. Turn the flameout switch to the off position after use.


● This product is strictly prohibited from overload work, please use a full power regulator to ensure the safety and stability of electrical appliances and computers.

● Please add oil in time, and pay attention to the remaining of oil after long-term use.

● Do not hit the product with an object to prevent damage to the machine and other accidents.


  1. We can supply you top quality products with competitive price under the same quality level, and different products according to your different market demands.
  2. We have strictly control of the whole production process and we guarantee punctual delivery. Each of our products is tested one by one before packing.
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  4. Multiple specifications are available. If you want to know more about our products, please be free to contact us.

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Our Superiorities

Dive deep into the world of BISON high-quality gasoline generators, where unrivaled performance meets highest reliability.

100% all-copper motor

Offering durability and superior energy efficiency

Domestic top carburetor

high atomization level, ensuring optimal fuel efficiency and smooth engine operation.

Powerful pull plate

Easy to start pull plate, guarantee more than 10,000 pulls

Robust Frames

Professional welding and painting process to ensure the beauty and stability of the rack

800 W Portable Mini Generator for Home Use Inspection Process

Inspection process leaves no room for compromise, ensuring that every gasoline generator we produce is flawless.

800 W Portable Mini Generator for Home Use assembly process

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