6 Inch Water Pump

Diesel water pumps are more reiable and safe.
The maintance cost for diesel water pumps are lower than gasoline type.
The diesel water pumps work more efficiently.
The diesel powered water pumps are equipped with diesel engines and work reliably over a long service life.
The diesel powered water pumps are designed for high flow agricultural and construction dewatering applications. …

Parameter Description

6 Inch Water Pump – BS60

Engine Model BS192F
Engine Output 8.2KW
Bore x stroke 92*75mm
Displacement 499cc
Compression ratio 19.05:01:00
Rated rotation speed 3000 / 3600rpm
Oil capacity 1.7L
Inlet and outlet size 6.0 inch(150mm)
Pump lift 24m
Flux 180m^3/h
Type Single Cylinder, Air cooled, 4 stroke
Fuel tank capacity 5.5L
Mass weight 131kg
Overall dimension 790*600*820mm
20GP 72set
40HQ 175set

– Product Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: brown strong carton, generator is protected with ploy bag, wool, 1pc / carton, diesel engine self priming pump.
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai Port
Lead Time: 20-25 days

– Product Description

The emergency operation of the diesel pump is convenient and fast, and the entire process is measured by on-site operation, which fully meets the emergency requirements. The diesel engine water pump fully utilizes the characteristics of high efficiency, large flow rate and low lift. The power of the matching diesel engine is small, only a fraction of the diesel engine power of the diesel generator set, which is obviously fuel-efficient and low in use cost. Because the engine and pump are self-contained and independent of other equipment, the maintenance, maintenance and management are simple, convenient and reliable. Filters are provided to efficiently filter impurities in the air and protect the power system. Adopted to international standard PF thread, it has strong versatility and can be configured with different types of water pipes.

Because its light weight, frame structure, compact design, it is widely used in farmland irrigation, vegetable watering, well water intake, farmland long distance water delivery, etc. Please read the instructions carefully before use, and have a good maintenance after using it.

If you can’t find the product or service you want, please let us know. We have professionals to serve you.

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Our water pump parts

engine connecting rod

The mechanical strength belongs to the density of ADC12 aluminum alloy cast aluminum, and the weight monitoring can ensure the consistency of structural tensile strength and processing CPK

pump engine piston

Adopt Z109 material to increase the wear resistance and reduce thermal deformation, to ensure the weight of the piston and the accuracy of machining

pump engine case

Using high-precision fixtures, machining center equipment to ensure precision, and high-density material strength, BISON's box can meet the durability test for 125 hours, and can meet emission standards

intake and exhaust valves

BISON only adopts high-quality pump heads with sufficient materials (reasonable and thick alloy ratio) and excellent processing technology (oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, mold, flatness, and sealing)

water pump testing

BISON water pump comprehensive test bench is equipped with a comprehensive test tank, which is higher than the national standard sampling inspection type and durable, ensuring the quality of the product in all aspects.

Test the pump suction online and simulate negative pressure detection. 100% full inspection to determine the extremely low failure of the product

Regular outdoor field testing of water pumps to ensure the pumping efficiency of the product in practice

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