Spray machine operation
Jul 05, 2018

Spray machine operation

1. Precautions of the operator the operator shall wear protective equipment. People who are weak and sick, women who breastfeed or are pregnant, young children, and people who are exposed to a wound that has not healed at the site are not allowed to participate in the work. Smoking and diet are strictly prohibited in operation to prevent poisoning. If operating personnel find headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other toxic phenomena in work, they should stop working immediately and ask medical personnel for treatment.

2. Install required accessories according to different crops. For example, for paddy crops or tall crops and trees close to water source, mixers and spray guns can be used to absorb water automatically. Sprinkler sprays can be used for low - growing crops and low - dose crops.

3. Try spraying with water. When using spray guns and mixers, test spray with water to check for leakage at all joints. Spray liquid should not be too close to the crops, should diffuse into fog to spray even. Stop spraying must wait until the pump pressure is reduced before closing.

4. Depressurization and maintenance. The pressure in the pipe must be reduced first when repairing the water pump in the spray machine pipeline. When opening a pressurized liquid medicine cabinet, remove the compressed air from the cabinet. When adjusting the working pressure of the spray machine, it is not allowed to exceed the specified maximum pressure.

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