Best Pressure Washer

  1. Gasoline engine drive, providing reliable power and convenient maintenance.
  2. High-precision industrial ceramic plunger crankshaft pump provides 275bar strong pressure
  3. High-density water inlet filtration system to ensure that the pump body is not affected by impurities in the water and improve the service life.
  4. Visual pressure adjustment system, easy to operate
  5. Pressure protection system and pressure throttle adjustment system, environmentally friendly and efficient

Product Details

Best Pressure Washer

– Product Parameter

Machine Type: High Pressure Cleaner Brand Name: BSION
Model Number: BS170 Feature: Critical Cleaning / Residue Free, Non-Ionic, Non-Toxic, Rust / Corrosion Inhibitor, Sudsing / Foaming
Fuel: Gasoline / Petrol Certification: CE
Use: cleaning car/bathroom/road/bicycle Cleaning Process: Cold Water Cleaning
Material: Metal / Coil Power(W): 7.0hp
Dimension(L*W*H): 840 x 440 x 520mm Function: cleaning car/bathroom/road/bicycle
Certificate: CE , ISO Delivery Time: 20-25 days
Weight N/G: 37kg

– Product Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details brown strong carton, pressure washer is protected with ploy bag, wool, 1pc / carton
Delivery Time 20-25 days
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai
Lead Time: 20-25 days

– Product Description

Best Pressure Washer is a highly maneuverable self-propelled model with electric start-up gasoline engine. Outstanding stability guarantees cleanliness and effectiveness. It is very effective in removing stubborn dirt under harsh operating conditions. It requires no power supply and is suitable for the cleaning and maintenance of construction machinery and transportation vehicles for municipal facilities, road bridges, building renovation, industrial plants and field operations. The steel tube frame and the walking tire design make it have good impact resistance and flexibility, and can move freely in various complex terrains.

Flushing flow rate is 9L per minute. This pressure washer only needs water to achieve cleaning effect. No need to add any filler and detergent, which protects environment and saves money.

What to look for in high-pressure cleaning machine

You can’t take any high-pressure cleaners from the shelf: these machines (especially the air pressure cleaners) are very strong. This is why they are so effective, but it also means that if you don’t know what you are doing, the risk of injury and surface damage will be higher. “You really need to respect the power of these machines,” BISON Engineer said. Here are a few points to note:

BISON Engineer explained that all high-pressure cleaners work in the same way-the motor provides power for water through centralized nozzles. The difference lies in the power supply mode of the motor:

An electric high-pressure cleaner is generally suitable for most homeowners and can solve problems such as car washing projects, cleaning lawn furniture and on-site surface treatment, BISON Engineer said. They are more affordable (think $300 and below), lighter, quieter and easier to store and maintain.

“On the other hand, air pressure cleaners are most often used by professionals because their functions are much stronger,” he continued. They can remove almost any dirt and debris-use them for things like decks and sidewalks-but they are much more expensive (think $300 and above), and they are bigger, heavier, noisier and harder to maintain.

– Product Show

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Core Quality Control

BISON has a patented booster valve, which automatically senses when the temperature in the pressure washer pump is too high, and the cold water enters to cool down in time. It can extend the service life of the machine twice.

The outer surface of the pump is oxidized to ensure that the machine can be used even in harsh environments.

ergonomic design

The special shock-absorbing feet effectively reduce the overall noise and vibration of the pressure washer (the reduction of the vibration amplitude can effectively increase the mechanical life of the frame, engine muffler, and fuel tank)

The direction of the water outlet avoids the muffler, which greatly reduces the risk of scalding the high-pressure pipe when the user uses the machine

100% tested & Packaging

Strictly control the machining accuracy to achieve excellent mechanical properties and greatly increase the service life of the gasoline pressure washer. 100% full inspection of core components and important spare parts to ensure product performance

The whole series of pressure washers have passed the box drop test, 7-layer carton + environmentally friendly packaging. Meet online and offline long-term transportation requirements

BISON team, 20 years of experience in online development and production of pressure washing machines, products and after-sales service within 30 minutes

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