China industrial water jet cleaning machine 2500psi 180 Bar

  • OHV structure.
  • Self suction function.
  • 10inch wheel.
  • prolong the high pressure washer life
  • Oil alert built-in
  • Easy to move

Product Details


Experience the pinnacle of industrial cleaning performance with BISON’s meticulously crafted water jet cleaning machine, boasting an impressive 2500psi (180 Bar) of raw power. This industrial-grade workhorse is designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges, effortlessly removing even the most stubborn dirt, grime, and grease from a wide range of surfaces.

With a versatile working pressure range of 164-180Bar, this powerhouse is equipped with a formidable 7.0HP engine operating at 3400RPM, delivering a substantial flow rate of 12LPM. Weighing in at a manageable 30 kilograms, this high-pressure washer strikes the perfect balance between power and portability, catering to the specific needs of industrial users.

BISON 2500psi water jet cleaning machine is meticulously engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications. Its robust construction and durable components ensure exceptional reliability and longevity, even under the most rigorous operating conditions.

Harness the immense power of 2500psi (180 Bar) to penetrate even the deepest layers of dirt and grime. Our water jet cleaning machine effortlessly blasts away stubborn residues, leaving behind a spotless and sanitized surface.

Take pride in owning a water jet cleaning machine that is entirely made in China. BISON is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that every component meets our stringent specifications.

The 180NA gasoline jet cleaning machine equip with good quality engine. This model is popular in the European and Australian market.

Elevate your industrial cleaning experience with a product that goes beyond expectations. Embrace the power and efficiency of this gasoline high-pressure washer and redefine the way you approach challenging industrial cleaning tasks.


Working pressure 164-180Bar
Power 7.0HP
Speed 3400RPM
Flow 12LPM
G.W(KG) 30
Dimension(mm) 520*520*535


oem OEM Optional
1 5 nozzles(1 in spare parts bag)
2 Good quality engine
1594274587509 100% Copper pump
1594274731304 Hose choice
image 10inch all-terrain rubber wheels

Production system:

From the beginning of production, our workers are skilled in operating equipment for production to manufacture high-level quality products. All steps by our own workers.

After service:

When our customers find problems of products, we will provide the solution in the first time. First we will figure out the problems by watching videos or photos, then after studying with our engineers, we will provide the best solutions.



Core Quality Control

BISON has a patented booster valve, which automatically senses when the temperature in the pressure washer pump is too high, and the cold water enters to cool down in time. It can extend the service life of the machine twice.

The outer surface of the pump is oxidized to ensure that the machine can be used even in harsh environments.

ergonomic design

The special shock-absorbing feet effectively reduce the overall noise and vibration of the pressure washer (the reduction of the vibration amplitude can effectively increase the mechanical life of the frame, engine muffler, and fuel tank)

The direction of the water outlet avoids the muffler, which greatly reduces the risk of scalding the high-pressure pipe when the user uses the machine

100% tested & Packaging

Strictly control the machining accuracy to achieve excellent mechanical properties and greatly increase the service life of the gasoline pressure washer. 100% full inspection of core components and important spare parts to ensure product performance

The whole series of pressure washers have passed the box drop test, 7-layer carton + environmentally friendly packaging. Meet online and offline long-term transportation requirements

BISON team, 20 years of experience in online development and production of pressure washing machines, products and after-sales service within 30 minutes

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