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car power washer for cleaning & detailing

250 bar|3600 psi|15 LPM|triplex plunger pump
ce 1
2 years warranty
epa 1
no brand30 sets
OEM standard50 sets
OEM special100 sets

G250A Specifications

Model G250
Cleaning process Cold Water Cleaning
Power Other
Max. Pressure 276BAR/4000PSI
Rated pressure 250BAR/3600PSI
Flow (LPM) 15LPM
Max. Water temperature 60℃
Engine attributes
Specifications 190F, horizontal shaft
Power (HP) 15HP
Speed (RPM) 3400-3600RPM
Starting system Recoil Start
Fuel tank capacity (L) 6L
Oil capacity (L) 1L
Operating hours (1 tank of gasoline) Less Than 2 hours
Bore * stroke (mm) 90*66
Engine displacement 420cc
Engine/motor type 1-Cylinder, Air-Cooled, 4-Stroke, Direct Injected,OHV
Engine oil grade #5W-40
Low oil shutdown/alert Yes
Recoil start Yes
Electric start Optional
High pressure pump attributes
Specifications PG250, STD
Pump type Horizontal, Crankshaft, Triplex Plunger
Inlet connection 4-point garden quick-connect
Outlet connection 3/8 Copper Quick Connect
Foaming function Yes
Self-priming function Yes
Nozzle specifications 040
High pressure hose attributes
Specifications H04 wire hose, OD 14 mm, ID 8 mm, burst pressure 960 bar
Length 10m
Standard of connection Pump: 3/8 stainless steel quick disconnect, Gun: 3/8 copper quick disconnect

In the bustling world of car wash services, efficiency and thoroughness are paramount to success. Introducing BISON’s specially designed gasoline high-pressure car power washer, meticulously crafted to revolutionize car cleaning and detailing. With its robust performance and versatility, our car power washer caters seamlessly to the demanding needs of high-volume car wash businesses.

The car power washer is based on high pressure. It is commercial and industrial triplex plunger pump with a stable electric motor. It has a brass forged cylinder and ceramic plunger. The rigger gun is stable, with a protection lock. It is easy to move with two wear proof wheels and a handle. The control panel makes it easy to operate. Stainless Steel Cover with frame design is more durable than other products in market. It can solve cleaning problems. Detergent is appled. It can be used to wash cars roads and so on.

Unparalleled cleaning power: Harnessing the raw power of a gasoline engine, our car power washer delivers an impressive 250bar of pressure, effortlessly blasting away stubborn dirt, grime, and grease. This exceptional cleaning prowess ensures that every vehicle emerges from your wash bay sparkling like new.

  • Superior efficiency: Time is money in the fast-paced car wash industry. Our car power washer boasts a remarkable 2.8 GPM (gallons per minute) water flow rate, enabling you to clean more cars in less time. This efficiency translates directly into increased profits for your car wash business.
  • Versatile applications: Our car power washer isn’t just limited to car exteriors. Its versatility extends to cleaning wheels, undercarriages, and even the interiors of heavily soiled vehicles. This comprehensive cleaning capability caters to every aspect of car detailing, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Designed for durability: Built with the rigors of commercial car wash operations in mind, our car power washer is constructed from premium-grade materials, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its heavy-duty components can withstand the demands of daily use, minimizing downtime and maximizing your return on investment.

Partner With BISON: Expand Your Car Wash Business

You can tap into BISON’s global reputation for quality and innovation by partnering with us to import our gasoline high-pressure car power washers in bulk. Elevate your car wash business to new heights with BISON’s gasoline high-pressure car power washer.

BISON has been manufacturing car power washers for years. We use high quality materials and every car washers has been tested by our quality inspection devices. We also provide after-sales services. Accessory services are abailable. If you have no idea about accessory, we can give you some suggestions. Other similar products of different specifications are available. More informations please contact us.


A class core parts

pressure test
pressure washer pump
pressure washer pump 2

BISON has a patented booster valve, which automatically senses when the temperature in the pressure washer pump is too high, and the cold water enters to cool down in time. It can extend the service life of the machine twice.

The outer surface of the pump is oxidized to ensure that the machine can be used even in harsh environments.

ergonomic design

pressure washer engine
pressure washer foot pad

The special shock-absorbing feet effectively reduce the overall noise and vibration of the pressure washer (the reduction of the vibration amplitude can effectively increase the mechanical life of the frame, engine muffler, and fuel tank)

The direction of the water outlet avoids the muffler, which greatly reduces the risk of scalding the high-pressure pipe when the user uses the machine​

100% tested & packaging

Strictly control the machining accuracy to achieve excellent mechanical properties and greatly increase the service life of the gasoline pressure washer. 100% full inspection of core components and important spare parts to ensure product performance

pressure washer test 2

The whole series of pressure washers have passed the box drop test, 7-layer carton + environmentally friendly packaging. Meet online and offline long-term transportation requirements

BISON team, 20 years of experience in online development and production of pressure washing machines, products and after-sales service within 30 minutes

Professional technicians with 15-20 years of experience

performance commissioning

Performance Commissioning

machine assembly

Machine Assembly

artwork qa

Artwork QA

full inspection

Full Inspection

high pressure washer specialized inspection

Specialized Inspection

parts assembly

Parts assembly

core assembly

Core Assembly

power specialized inspection

Power Specialized Inspection

Warranty Information

pressure washer parts

Discounted Accessories

24 hour online 5 minute response

24-hour online, 5-minute response

engineer on site service

Engineer on-site service

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging details: brown strong carton, pressure washer is protected with poly bag, wooden, 1pc / carton. Lead Time: Shipped in 25 days after payment.

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