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Car Washer

Pressure washer has many uses in your home, from cleaning floors and siding to washing cars, removing mold, cleaning lawn equipment and more. These pressure washers are available in electric and gas versions. The gasoline-powered model is usually more powerful and comes in a variety of sizes.

Working pressure 164-180Bar new design car washer
Power 6.5HP
Speed 3400RPM
Flow 9LPM
G.W(KG) 32
Dimension(mm) 650*410*520

Benefits of car washing machine

  • Clean hard stains. The car washer has different pressure settings and will flush dirt out of the car. Our car washer is also equipped with accessories such as scrubber and soap sprayer, making it easy to remove stubborn stains.
  • save time. On average, it takes about 10 minutes to clean a car at low pressure. In addition, car washer can help you save money because you can complete the cleaning task yourself.
  • Carry. You can store one in your suitcase and pull it out when you need to clean it quickly. Some even have wheels, so you can drag them and clear about five cars in the garage.
  • Environmentally friendly. You no longer need to use harsh chemicals to clean your car. The high-pressure cleaner releases water at high speed and high power to remove the hardest stains on the vehicle. In most cases, you do not need to use detergent, which is good for the environment.

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Core Quality Control

BISON has a patented booster valve, which automatically senses when the temperature in the pressure washer pump is too high, and the cold water enters to cool down in time. It can extend the service life of the machine twice.

The outer surface of the pump is oxidized to ensure that the machine can be used even in harsh environments.

ergonomic design

The special shock-absorbing feet effectively reduce the overall noise and vibration of the pressure washer (the reduction of the vibration amplitude can effectively increase the mechanical life of the frame, engine muffler, and fuel tank)

The direction of the water outlet avoids the muffler, which greatly reduces the risk of scalding the high-pressure pipe when the user uses the machine

100% tested & Packaging

Strictly control the machining accuracy to achieve excellent mechanical properties and greatly increase the service life of the gasoline pressure washer. 100% full inspection of core components and important spare parts to ensure product performance

The whole series of pressure washers have passed the box drop test, 7-layer carton + environmentally friendly packaging. Meet online and offline long-term transportation requirements

BISON team, 20 years of experience in online development and production of pressure washing machines, products and after-sales service within 30 minutes

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