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6” industrial duty trash water pump

6 inch|15 HP|18M|135 m³/h
ce 1
2 years warranty
epa 1
no brand30 sets
OEM standard50 sets
OEM special100 sets

WP60 Specifications

Outlet Size(mm)150
Inlet Size(mm)150
Displacement Q. max(m3/h)135
Lift H. max(m)18
Suction (m)7
Fuel Tank Capacity5.5L
Fuel option#92, #95 Unleaded Gasoline
Self start motorRecoil start
Fuel consumption radio≤395g/kW/hh
Ignition systemT.C.I
Engine & Emission Specifications
Engine ModelBS190F
Fuel TypeGasoline
Engine Speed(RPM)3600
Bore × Stroke(mm)90*66
Engine Displacement(cc)420
Engine/Motor Type1-Cylinder, Air-Cooled, 4-Stroke, Direct Injected,OHV
Engine Oil grade#5W-40
Fuel Capacity/
Low Oil Shutdown/AlertYes
Recoil StartYes
Electric StartOptional

BISON is a global manufacturer of water pump, specially launched 6” industrial duty trash water pump for water pump dealers. This water pump is ideal for large-volume drainage in challenging environments (construction sites, disaster relief, mining operations, etc.). Already exported to South America, Asia, Europe, North America, etc., we have received a lot of good feedback.

Main features of 6” industrial duty trash water pump:

6” water pump

Equipped with a 6” inlet and outlet and a maximum displacement of 135 cubic meters per hour (593 GPM), the water pump transports large volumes of water or dewater in a short time. The 6” outlet reduces friction and keeps the pump running smoothly.

Industrial duty water pump

  1. Maximum lift: provides excellent head pressure to pump water to 18m higher heights.
  2. Maximum suction power: 7m suction effectively removes water from deep wells, trenches or flooded basements.
  3. Powerful engine: 420cc displacement BS190F gasoline engine provides 3600 rpm power. Engines with short 66mm stroke and wide 99mm bore are often the most powerful, meeting industrial needs.
  4. Fuel efficiency: The fuel consumption rate of the industrial-duty water pump is ≤395g/kW/hh, and the 5.5L fuel tank capacity can ensure long-term operation and reduce usage costs.
  5. Industrial load structure: The pump adopts a durable cast iron structure, which can withstand wear and tear in harsh environments and extend its service life.

Trash water pump:

The BISON 6” industrial duty water pump is a true trash pump that can easily pump water mixed with solids, dirt, leaves and debris. Ideal for trenches, excavations, construction sites, flood defenses, fields and other areas with dirty water.

BISON is a trustworthy brand in the field of industrial water pumps. 15 quality inspection procedures ensure product quality and provide water pump dealers with competitive prices. The 6” industrial duty trash water pump meets the needs of demanding industrial applications with stable performance and easy operation. If your customers need the best industrial water pumps, become a BISON dealer.

A class core parts

engine connecting rod

engine connecting rod

The mechanical strength belongs to the density of ADC12 aluminum alloy cast aluminum, and the weight monitoring can ensure the consistency of structural tensile strength and processing CPK

engine piston

pump engine piston

Adopt Z109 material to increase the wear resistance and reduce thermal deformation, to ensure the weight of the piston and the accuracy of machining

engine case

pump engine case

Using high-precision fixtures, machining center equipment to ensure precision, and high-density material strength, BISON's box can meet the durability test for 125 hours, and can meet emission standards

pump head

intake and exhaust valves

BISON only adopts high-quality pump heads with sufficient materials (reasonable and thick alloy ratio) and excellent processing technology (oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, mold, flatness, and sealing)

tight quality contorl

pump suction simulation test

6” industrial duty trash water pump testing

BISON water pump comprehensive test bench is equipped with a comprehensive test tank, which is higher than the national standard sampling inspection type and durable, ensuring the quality of the product in all aspects.

Test the pump suction online and simulate negative pressure detection. 100% full inspection to determine the extremely low failure of the product.

Regular outdoor field testing of water pumps to ensure the pumping efficiency of the product in practice.

Professional technicians with 15-20 years of experience

performance commissioning

Performance Commissioning

machine assembly

Machine Assembly

artwork qa

Artwork QA

full inspection

Full Inspection

power specialized inspection

water pump specialized inspection

parts assembly

Parts assembly

core assembly

Core Assembly

water pump specialized inspection

Power Specialized Inspection

Warranty Information

gasoline water pump parts

Discounted Accessories

24 hour online 5 minute response

24-hour online, 5-minute response

engineer on site service

Engineer on-site service

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging details: brown strong carton, water pump is protected with poly bag, wooden, 1pc / carton.
Lead Time: Shipped in 25 days after payment.

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