2.5hp 152F Gasoline Combustion Engine

  • High RPM, low noise
  • smooth running with minimal vibration
  • Light weight, low cost
  • Durable and stable power
Parameter Description

Gasoline Combustion Engine Description

This gasoline engine has high quality and cost effective. It has fast response to ESC, stable operation, high precision of output voltage and frequency, small fluctuation. Compared with diesel engine, it has a better electrical performance index, better starting performance and higher success rate. Low vibration, and low frequency noise make it a best option.

With a compact body, it is easy to move. It is wrapped with solid pure copper wire to ensure that the engine will not be burnt due to overheating during operation. It has a good corrosion resistance, toughness and electrical conductivity. Insulated protective cover is designed for battery wiring. As a result, it is much safer than others. High-definition full liquid crystal displayed voltmeter can display voltage and frequency, making it easier and smarter to operate.

Made of premium quality materials,it is resistant to dust,water and chemicals that it can be used for a long period. It adopts gasoline to drive the machine to have stable performance. Equipped with the strong gasoline combustion engine,it is available to keep consistent and excellent performance from beginning to end.

It is manufactured with strict quality control,it is of guaranteed quality,as well as the international certification of ISO and CE. With the delicate workmanship,it is elegant and pretty.

Engine Model BS152F
Type Air Cooled, Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke
Engine Output 2.5HP
Bore x stroke 56 x 38mm
Displacement 97cc
Compression ratio 7.7:1
Ignition system T.C.I
Starting system Recoil start / Key start
Rated rotation speed 3000 / 3600rpm
Fuel tank volume 1.6L
Ner/Gross Weight 9 / 13kg

gasoline combustion engine details

Our engine parts

engine connecting rod

The mechanical strength belongs to the density of ADC12 aluminum alloy cast aluminum, and the weight monitoring can ensure the consistency of structural tensile strength and processing CPK

engine piston

Adopt Z109 material to increase the wear resistance and reduce thermal deformation, to ensure the weight of the piston and the accuracy of machining

engine case

Using high-precision fixtures, machining center equipment to ensure precision, and high-density material strength, BISON's box can meet the durability test for 125 hours, and can meet emission standards

intake and exhaust valves

The valve is made of 40Cr10SiMo material. The exhaust valve can withstand high combustion temperature. When the load is heavy or the combustion condition is abnormal, the temperature limit will not be affected if the temperature limit is lower than 700-780°C.

Engine testing

Dedicated to engine testing, and equipped with quality control for sampling testing. BISON verifies and confirms the performance and reliability of each batch of engines to avoid possible product failures

Guarantee the sealing performance of the crankcase body structure and installation. Through professional instrument testing, poor sealing defects of installation and materials can be found, so as to avoid oil leakage and oil leakage of the engine and ensure the actual power efficiency.

The load output stability of the power can be confirmed online, and the configuration can be locked after stabilization to ensure high product consistency

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