5000 Watt Generator

  • Oil alarm, automatically cut off the engine when the oil is low
  • Circuit breaker, overload automatic power off
  • The new air filter is designed to prevent leakage of waste oil
  • Muffler with spark eliminator to reduce noise and be more environmentally friendly
  • Sturdy fuel tank, original design
  • AVR automatic voltage regulator, stable output voltage
  • Fully enclosed control panel, unique and beautiful design, waterproof and dustproof
  • Portable 5000 Watt Generator, compact and safe design, rugged and easy to operate
  • Excellent performance and stable operation
Parameter Description

5000-watt petrol generator is portable with two rolling wheels and a frame structure, which is support for overall protection. The control panel is well designed and very practical. With it, you can easily to operate the machine and check whether each mechanical indicator is correct. Therefore, it is easy to maintain with its help. The automatically regulates voltage, low oil level automatic protection and current overcorrect protection reduce its maintenance rate.

  • ENGINE TYPE: This generator is equipped with a 4-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine designed for stable high power operation. Unlike many of our competitors, our engine ensures a steady supply of power without overheating.
  • FUEL EFFICIENCY: BS4500LV has a very low fuel consumption rate and can provide power for a long time without frequent refueling. It outperforms the competition and provides cost-effective continuous operation.
  • NOISE LEVEL: Our 5000-watt generator operates with minimal noise. This ensures minimal disruption to your customers’ daily activities, even during extended periods of use.
  • DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY: BISON generator is made of high quality materials that can withstand a wide range of conditions to ensure reliable operation. Its sturdy construction sets it apart, guaranteeing longevity and reliable service.
  • EASY TO USE: BS4500LV features a user-friendly design that simplifies operation. It is as simple as “plug and play”, making it a popular choice over complex models.
  • MANUFACTURING PROCESS: We utilize a rigorous manufacturing process that meets international standards. This ensures you get the highest quality and safety products.

– Product Parameter

Model Number: BS4500LV Output Type: AC Single Phase
Speed: 3000/3600RPM Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Rated Power: 5KW Rated Voltage: 110V/220V/230V/240V/380V
Rated Current: 12V/8.3A certificate: CE, ISO
Warrenty: 500hours or 1 year Item: 5000 Watt Generator

– Product Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: brown strong carton, generator is protected with ploy bag, wool, 1pc / carton, Gas Operated Electric Generator
Delivery Time: 20-25 days
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai

24 hours after sales team

The staff of the maintenance service department must continuously learn, improve and improve their own technical level, provide services for customers, and strictly follow the relevant company system and code of conduct to ensure that they are “friendly, enthusiastic and responsive”We will offer the technical support through phone call,internet if customer require.

Guarantee of batch defectives

If customers receive the order and find there are batch of defectives,we would be corrected quickly and the customer will never incur any extra cost.

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Our Superiorities

Dive deep into the world of BISON high-quality gasoline generators, where unrivaled performance meets highest reliability.

100% all-copper motor

Offering durability and superior energy efficiency

Domestic top carburetor

high atomization level, ensuring optimal fuel efficiency and smooth engine operation.

Powerful pull plate

Easy to start pull plate, guarantee more than 10,000 pulls

Robust Frames

Professional welding and painting process to ensure the beauty and stability of the rack

5000 Watt Generator Inspection Process

Inspection process leaves no room for compromise, ensuring that every gasoline generator we produce is flawless.

5000 Watt Generator assembly process

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