3000 watt inverter generator

  • It is lightweight with small size, which is easy to store and it takes up little space. And it is easy to move that it is equipped with universal wheels that it can go anywhere easily. Besides,it has stretched handle that you can freely move the machine just like the trunk.
  • With the scientific design, it is safe for sensitive electronics.
  • Its output power of 3000 watts is also sufficient to meet the needs of household electricity. With the strong motor, it is able to provide strong power to make the machine operate smoothly and normally.
  • Effortless starting with a simple turn of the key, eliminating the hassle of manual pull cords. It is user-friendly that it is convenient to operate.
  • Optimize fuel consumption and reduce noise levels with the ECO mode, and noise-dampening enclosure, making it suitable for noise-restricted areas.
Parameter Description

Product Information

BISON, a leading inverter generator supplier in China, proudly presents the BS3600. 3000 watt inverter generator is a type of new inverter generators which makes full use of the inverter technology to generate electricity.

The BS3600 shines as a versatile power source for a wide variety of scenarios. At the heart of the BS3600 lies its robust 4-stroke OHV engine, engineered to deliver a continuous 3000 watts of clean and stable power. BS3600 effortlessly tackles various power demands, from powering your home appliances during emergencies to fueling your outdoor adventures.

  • Home backup power: Keep your home essentials running seamlessly during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted comfort and safety. This remarkable output effortlessly powers a diverse range of devices, including: Refrigerators, Freezers, Washing machines, Air conditioners, Laptops, TVs, Power tools.
  • Outdoor adventures: Power your camping trips, RV excursions, and outdoor work projects with the BS3600’s reliable performance.
  • Construction sites: Provide consistent power for tools and equipment at remote construction sites.

BISON quality and reliability

  • BISON’s commitment to quality and reliability is evident in every aspect of the BS3600:
  • Durable construction: Built with high-quality materials and components, the BS3600 withstands the rigors of frequent use and harsh environments.
  • Rigorous testing: Each BS3600 undergoes stringent testing procedures to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  • Comprehensive warranty: Backed by a comprehensive warranty, the BS3600 provides peace of mind and long-term protection.

Product Parameter

Brand Name: BISON Model Number: BS3600
Output Type: AC Single Phase Speed: 3000/3600RPM
Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ Rated Power: 2.0/2.5KW
Rated Voltage: 110V/220V/230V/240V/380V Rated Current: 12V/8.3A
Certificate: CE, ISO Weight N/G: 21.5kgs
Dimension: 480*285*390mm 20GP/ 40HQ: 520/1000sets
Optional 1: Recoil start
Engine type: 1-Cylinder, 4-strock, Air-cooled Gasoline Engine
Output Power: 650w, 1kw, 2kw, 2.5kw,2.8kw, 3kw, 4kw, 5kw, 6kw, 7kw
Generator Type: Household Electric Power Silent Portable Gasoline Generator

– Product Details

img_2770 img_2774 img_2820
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– Product Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

brown strong carton, generator is protected with ploy bag, wool, 1pc / carton,inverter generator.

Delivery Time Shipped in 25 days after payment

Port: Ningbo/Shanghai Port

– Applications:

1. In case of natural disasters, such as heavy rain and floods, when large diesel units cannot be transported, light gasoline units are the best choice to ensure power supply for communication equipment in the disaster area.

2. When the power supply is unstable or power is cut off, the small access computer room or station can use the gasoline generating set as the backup power.

3. In the rush repair, if the emergency repair personnel are required to carry the backup power, the gasoline generator set can be used.

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20180704_114023_072.jpg Quality Assurance
As a manufacturer ourselves we’re incredibly good at spotting build quality and engineering excellence. We perform pre-delivery inspections on the majority of the products we send out from our warehouses, meaning a trained technician has evaluated the product before it reaches you.
Custom Service
We has always been uphold the professional knowledge, and take quality, safety, energy saving and environmental protection as the core. Providing reliable products and high quality service, meet the needs of customers in different fields, dare to take responsibility.
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Each year we attend Spring and Autumn Canton Fair.
International Fairs like Tehran Int’l Permanent Fair,Exhibition Centre Cologne
And we also visit different market each year.


TAIZHOU BISON MACHINERY CO.,LTD started to manufacture generators, water pumps, engines and high pressure washers back in 2014 and is currently an important company in the machinery field. BISON products are designed and developed according to our top-quality principles with double 100% testing. We agree that quality is the company’s life.

BISON is a new manufacturing factory with applying high technology and ongoing innovation to our product manufacturing. We pay more attention to our customers’ feedback of after-sale and satisfy our clients with some OEM brand because we define success in terms of our clients’ success.


If transportation,installation, faulty operation problem,lead to the equipment’s part damage.That will not have a warranty, but we will present the part to customer in a low price.

For the equipment that sale by agent to the same country or area and the price above 200000 $, if customer require us to sent technician for sevice,We just bear the expense for airplane ticket.Customer must bear all others expense.

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Our Superiorities

Dive deep into the world of BISON high-quality inverter generators, where unrivaled performance meets highest reliability.

100% all-copper motor

Offering durability and superior energy efficiency

Domestic top carburetor

high atomization level, ensuring optimal fuel efficiency and smooth engine operation.

Powerful pull plate

Easy to start pull plate, guarantee more than 10,000 pulls

Robust Frames

Professional welding and painting process to ensure the beauty and stability of the rack

Perfect inspection process

Inspection process leaves no room for compromise, ensuring that every inverter generator we produce is flawless.

product assembly process

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