Classification of spray machines
Jul 05, 2018

Agricultural sprayer is a kind of machine for dispersing liquid. It is a kind of dispensing machine, which is divided into agricultural, medical and other USES (such as industrial use). Generally known as the human or small battery machine driven by the sprayer, engine driven by the sprayer. Measure the quality index of spray machine: 1. 2. Amount of spray; 3. Spray range and range. The quality of spray machine is not only related to the equipment, but also related to the application technology (also known as the application technology).

Classification of spray machines

According to the working principle, the spray machine is divided into liquid force, air force and centrifugal spray machine. According to the carrying mode, there are hand holding type, backpack type, shoulder strap type, pedal type, stretcher type, trolley type, self-walking type, traction type, suspension type, and aviation spray machine. Tractor - driven or mounted motor sprayer is used to prevent and control diseases and pests of field crops.

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