How the spray machine works
Jul 05, 2018

How the spray machine works

The first is the Bernoulli principle. Bernoulli's principle says that in the same fluid, the velocity is high and the pressure is low. Low velocity and high pressure. The flow will flow from high pressure to low pressure automatically. When passing through a trigeminal tube, a low-velocity flow of water is directed toward a high-speed flow of air. Water is torn by high speed air into small drops. These small drops of water come out into fog.

The second method is to press water into a thin pipe to create high speed water flow, which will break into small water droplets after hitting an obstacle. The situation is like turning the tap up and plugging up with your fingers. Household sprayers use this structure more often and cost less.

The third is to make water charged (water is a dielectric), using the same charge to repel each other to make water droplets. The droplets in this method are small. The same principle is used to paint cars.

The fourth is ultrasonic atomization. Vibration can cause "froth" in the water, the vibration of the ultrasonic frequency is very high, so that the "wave" of wavelength is small, so it's "spray" -- on a small water droplets, these droplets became a fog. The hospital's ventilator for respiratory diseases is fogged by ultrasound.

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