Is it necessary to correct the fuel injector of diesel generator set?
Jul 05, 2018

Is it necessary to correct the fuel injector of diesel generator set?

As one of the important parts of the fuel system of diesel generator unit, the performance of its working condition directly affects the normal operation of the unit. When the fuel injector spray atomization is not up to standard, can't complete combustion of fuel in the cylinder, not only affect the normal play of the diesel generator set power, also directly cause waste of fuel, gradually increase the carbon deposition, lubricating oil has been diluted, greatly affect the engine performance. Regular inspection and calibration of the unit injector is a condition to ensure its safe operation, so it is very necessary to do well in normal times. The content of fuel injector correction of its diesel generator unit is as follows:

The fuel injector of a diesel generator unit is a fuel injector on the top of the high pressure tubing of the fuel injection pump. To adjust it to standard pressure with a standard pressure gauge, the job of observing the spray condition of the injector and correcting it is to correct the injector.

A. Injector opening pressure adjustment: loose injector with a wrench nut, screw with a screwdriver into or choose fuel valve adjusting screw to adjust the spring pressure force, to each fuel injector fuel injection opening pressure. Screw in the adjusting screw, the fuel injector opening pressure increased, otherwise decreased, after the adjustment of the locking regulating nut.

Ii. Spray nozzle test shall meet the following requirements:

A. The fuel shall be sprayed in A mist, with uniform and fine parts, without obvious splash particles, continuous oil beads or local thick and thin unevenness;

B. The application of oil spraying at the beginning and end is obvious and has a special crisp sound;

C. No oil drop is allowed in the spray hole, but moisture is allowed.

D. The cone Angle in the direction of spray fog is about 15-20 degrees.

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