Spray maintenance
Jul 05, 2018

Spray maintenance

1. Operate according to the instructions

Check and adjust the technical status of each component according to the specification of the machine to lubricate each lubrication point. Keep clean and remove dirt in time.

2. Wash with water

Spray with water for a few minutes at the end of each day to remove the remaining liquid in the dispensing tank, pump and pipe, and finally remove the water.

3. Storage of spray machine

All after the operation, if the park for a long time, in addition to the liquid tank, pump and pipeline water clean, and shall remove the v belt, spray hose, nozzle, medicine mixers and suction pipe parts, these parts after washing clean with the body in a cool, dry place. Spray machines should not be stacked with fertilizers, pesticides and other corrosive goods to avoid corrosion damage. Rubber products should be hung on the wall to avoid pressure and fold damage.

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