What should be done to check the low pressure of diesel generators?
Jul 05, 2018

How can we check the low pressure of diesel generators?

External inspection of low pressure of diesel generators:

1. Check the quality and quantity of oil

For diesel engines with too low oil pressure, it is generally necessary to check whether the amount of oil meets the requirements. If the amount of oil is too small, the fault is obvious. If the amount of oil meets the requirements or is too large, the oil should be carefully observed whether there is diesel oil or water. If diesel is mixed in the oil, the oil becomes thinner and the viscosity drops, resulting in low oil pressure.

2. Observe oil pressure sensor and oil pressure gauge:

Turn on the power (not starting the diesel engine at this time) and observe whether the pointer of the oil pressure gauge moves and returns to the "0" position accurately. If the needle of the oil pressure gauge does not move or cannot return to "0", it is a deviation of the oil pressure gauge, failure of the oil pressure sensor, or circuit failure.

A self - made direct - pressure oil pressure gauge (with 0. 1 ~ 1. 0 mpa barometer of restructuring), diesel engine starting, if the oil pressure is normal, from the list of direct pressure instrument and of fault is still in the phase locked circuit, direct pressure on the table the pressure is too low, diesel engine and no ring, can be the first diesel engine main oil duct of engine oil pressure valve and pressure regulating valves on the oil strainer debug, observe the effect of debugging.

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