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How To Operate Agricultural Machinery
Jul 05, 2018

Agricultural machinery as agricultural production and rich as a good helper, not only to be able to choose and buy, good maintenance, correct operation use, maintenance, maintenance machinery is also very important.

According to article 23 of the regulations on responsibility for repair, replacement and return of agricultural machinery products, no three packages shall be used for any mechanical failure caused by personal reasons. For this reason, the following four points should be noted:

1. Read the manual of mechanical operation carefully, master the structure and performance, and don't swallow the date whole.

2. Operate the machine according to the operating rules, pay attention to the maintenance methods, and avoid careless handling.

3. Agricultural machinery functions are limited, load speed is regulated, and "small horse cart" is prohibited.

4. We must not operate the sick machinery. If there is any problem with the machinery, we must stop the operation immediately and carry out timely maintenance and maintenance.

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