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Plant Protection Machinery Key Technology And Equipment
Jul 05, 2018

1. Research on the main key technologies of low-volume spray, especially the principle of atomization and the performance and structural parameters of components, to further improve the design method; The study on anti-drift technology of ammonia droplets focuses on finding the main factors influencing the drift of droplets and exploring the main methods to prevent them. Continue to strengthen the study of electrostatic spray technology, strive to over ten years practical products, widely used in electric sprayer, motor mist machine, spray rod and air spray mist sprayer, orchard machine system. Development of anti-floating spray head for spray rod sprayer; Research on target spray technology, focusing on the control system technology, image acquisition and data processing technology of sensor element and signal device spray equipment; (4) precise spray and electromechanical integration technology research and development of plant protection machinery dedicated flow sensors, pressure sensors, electronic distribution and control display system, focus on the precise spray quantity control technology, active development to adapt to the situation of my GPS control accuracy and precise drug-delivery system, and achieve low cost, simple operation, convenient maintenance; (5) testing technology and equipment research, key research mechanical main working parts and the indoor performance test technology and equipment of the machine, the machine field operations on spray quality testing technology and testing equipment, constantly improve the test level of plant protection machinery research in China

2. Need to research and development equipment (1) to accelerate basic working parts of research and development, we will focus on developing liquid pump, nozzle and jet components series of new products research and development, plant protection machinery in China in order to improve the working parts of form a complete set of performance, shorten the development cycle of new products. To meet all kinds of new types of manual and motorized sprayer supporting needs, improve the quality of machine of pesticide and the effective utilization of pesticide, reduce pesticide waste, improve the control effect, reduce pesticide pollution to the ecological environment, to reduce the disease in our country, weeds of the prevention and control of operating costs. Parliamentary actively develops the research and development of new series of vacuum chamber plastic sprayer products, improves the technical performance of our country's vacuum chamber manual sprayer, and speeds up the upgrading of existing old products. The key to solve the old structure of the existence of knapsack sprayer, spray poor performance, low operation efficiency, pesticide waste serious, using poor safety, problems such as serious environmental pollution and ecological ring for operators, to low levels of efficient drug-delivery technology direction. (3) to accelerate small motor sprayer series of new products research and development, the key research for 1 ~ 3 kw gasoline engine power for small, portable and mobile power sprayer, in order to meet China's farmland, orchard, facility agriculture and the urgent need of urban health and epidemic prevention and environmental protection, improve rice in south China and orchard pest control operation quality and the level of mechanization. (4) to accelerate the spray bar type sprayer series of new products research and development, focus on research and development of spray for 8 ~ 24 m, with drift prevention device mounted and traction type low volume spray boom sprayer series of new products, to meet the state farms, moderate scale operation of the family farm, and the needs of the development of plant protection service, improve the dry farming area were of the prevention and control of crop disease, insect and weeds operation quality and the level of mechanization. (5) to accelerate the orchards and paddy field spray machine series of new products research and development, the key is 9 ~ 15 kw small four-wheel tractor traction small wind send orchard sprayer and small low chassis self-propelled orchard mist machine, in order to improve the quality of our orchard pest control operation and mechanization level; A series of spray machines for waterfield plant protection were developed to solve the problems of high labor intensity and poor effect of disease and insect pest control in waterfield. To accelerate the development of biocontrol equipment, the focus is on equipment and equipment to breed or deploy pest enemies and equipment to spray biopesticides to meet the growing needs of biocontrol areas.

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