Summer Is Coming. How Do You Maintain Your Sprayer
Jul 05, 2018

Every time before using the spray machine, we will fill the spray machine with water, and then apply suitable spray to further calibrate the spray machine. To stabilize engine speed and spray pressure to ensure good atomization and uniform spray. Sprayers can also be used as a secret weapon to remove pests from fields and crops. By determining the type of pesticide to be used, the amount of pesticide applied per mu and the dilution concentration, and according to the instructions of pesticide use. First add the medicine, then add the water, the added liquid must be clean, to avoid blocking the nozzle, causing trouble. Now summer, spray face is also the hot weather, we are using it, to avoid the sun to prevent spray machine hose burst, this is one aspect, in the process of using it for spraying, we need to observe the conditions of spraying. When we are doing our work, if we find that the spray machine is not running normally, we should stop the machine for inspection and wait for the problem to be checked before working.

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