Technical Level And Development Trend Of Plant Protection Machinery Abroad
Jul 05, 2018

Technical level and development trend of plant protection machinery abroad

1. Develop low-volume spray technology. In addition to using low-volume and high-efficiency pesticides, develop low-volume spray technology and develop a series of low-volume sprinklers. According to different working objects and climate conditions, the appropriate low volume sprinkler head can be selected to achieve the best control effect with the least pesticide.

2. The adoption of electromechanical integrated technology electronic display and control system has become an indispensable part of large and medium-sized plant protection machinery. Generally, the electronic control system can display the unit's forward speed, the inclination of the spray rod, the amount of spray, the pressure, the area of spray and the amount of liquid in the medicine cabinet. Through panel operation, the pressure of the system, the amount of spray per unit area and the spray operation of multi-way spray rods can be controlled and adjusted. The system automatically adjusts the amount of spraying per unit time according to the unit's forward speed, and strictly controls the amount of spraying and the diameter of fog particles according to the object of application and the environment. Besides being connected with personal computer, the control system can also be equipped with GPS system to realize precise and precise application of drugs.

3. It is an important measure to reduce pesticide loss and reduce soil and environmental pollution to control the drift of pesticide droplets in the process of application. European and American countries have adopted anti-floating nozzle, air curtain technology, electrostatic spray technology and spray droplet recovery technology. According to data from the United States, the use of electrostatic spray technology can reduce liquid losses by more than 65 percent. However, because the technology has not been fully mature in the product, the cost of the public is too high, only a small number of plant protection machinery is currently used. In Europe in the late 20th century saw the rise of air curtain technology, namely the spray boom sprayer increase on the lance of ram and fan, spray, along the direction of spray over the shower nozzle forced air supply, air curtain, this not only increases the penetration of droplets, and the wind (less than 4) wind weather work, also the droplet drift phenomenon will not occur. Due to the high cost of air curtain technology, the hanging and folding mechanism of spray rod is more complex, so some plant protection machinery manufacturers in Europe and America have developed new anti-floating spray head. The spray rod sprayer with the spray head can achieve the same effect as the air curtain sprayer in spray droplet anti-drift and improving the adhesion rate.

4. At present, there are two main methods to implement automatic target application in foreign countries. One is to use image recognition technology. The system consists of camera, image acquisition card and computer. The computer processes the collected data and compares it with the data in the image library to determine whether the object is grass or crops, what kind of grass, etc., to control whether the system is spraying. Second, leaf pigment optical sensor. The core of the system consists of a unique pigment optical sensor, control circuit and a valve body.

The valve body contains sprinkler head and solenoid valve. When the sensor detects the presence of grass by testing the pigment in the leaf, the spray head is controlled to target the target. At present, only the target can be detected on the bare ground, the number of sensors can be determined according to the need, and the spraying system is formed, which is used for spraying herbicides on the orchard's inter-row road protection, along the ditch and on both sides of the road. According to introduction, use this system, can save 60%~80% medication.

5. Full hydraulic pressure drive in large plant protection machinery, especially since lance spray machine adopts full hydraulic pressure system, such as steering, braking, walk, pump is driven by hydraulic, not only makes the whole machine structure is simplified, and increase the reliability of the transmission system. On some machines also have adopted different from spring damping hydraulic damping suspension system (A, P, D), it can be adjusted according to the load and the change of the slope, thus ensuring lance when changes in the rate of rise and system stability. In addition, some traction sprayer products are also equipped with electro-hydraulic steering gear on the traction rod to ensure that the equipment is completely consistent when the tractor is turning.

6. The pesticide injection and self-cleaning system, avoid or reduce the staff contact with the solution of the current sales of large and medium-sized lance pesticide sprayer is equipped with injection system (some manufacturer is optional), the pesticide is directly added to the tank, but in a special box, are set in the precise metering pump on the basis of the amount of pumping water tank mix of National People's Congress; Or use the scale of the special medicine box to measure the amount of medicine added, with non-metering pump into the water tank, until exhausted; Or put the medicine into a special medicine cabinet, when adding water, the mixer will automatically inhale the medicine into the water and mix it with water in a certain proportion, and then mix the medicine with the liquid stirring system. Lance spray machine generally kept two clean water tank, a used to wash your hands, one for cleaning liquid medicine box and cabinet (inside the cabinet is equipped with special cleaning nozzle) and cleaning machine external (equipped with cleaning spray gun, cleaning brush and pig). The body basically doesn't touch the liquid.

7. Actively research biological control technologies and develop spraying devices for biological pesticides

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