How to buy diesel generators?
Jul 05, 2018

When purchasing diesel generator sets, it is diversified, reminding everyone to ask more questions, check more, look more and compare more. The following eight items that should be paid attention to are mentioned below:

1. Confuse the relationship between KVA and KW. Take KVA as KW to exaggerate power and sell to customers. In fact, KVA is the apparent power, and KW is the effective power. The relationship between them is IKVA= 0.8kw. The power unit of the imported unit is usually represented by KVA, while the domestic power equipment is generally represented by KW. Therefore, when calculating the power, the KVA should be reduced by 20% to KW.

2. Do not talk about the relationship between long line (rated) power and backup power, only say one "power", and sell the backup power to the customer as long line power. In fact, backup power =1.1x long line power. Moreover, the backup power can only be used for one hour in a 12-hour continuous operation.

3. The power of diesel engine is as large as that of generator to reduce cost. In fact, the industry generally stipulates that the diesel engine power is 10% or greater than the generator power, because of the mechanical loss. More bad, and the diesel engine horsepower as kw false positives to the user, and with less than diesel generator power allocation unit, commonly known as: pony widening, unit and reduced life spans, frequent maintenance, use fee is high.

4. Only diesel or generator brands, not the origin, not the unit brands. Examples include cummins, Volvo, and stafford. Virtually no diesel generator can be built by a single company. Customers should fully understand the diesel engine, generator, control cabinet manufacturers and brands of the unit, in order to comprehensively evaluate the level of the unit.

5. Sell used a refurbished machine as a new machine to the customer, and will be renovated with new diesel engine generator and control cabinet, make general non-specialist user root can't distinguish whether new or old machine.

6. Sell the unit without protection function (commonly known as "four protection") to customers as the unit with complete protection function. What's more, we sell to our customers units with imperfect instruments and no air switches. In fact, the industry generally stipulated that more than 10KW units must be equipped with full meters (commonly known as the five tables) and air switches; Large units and automatic units must have four self - protection functions.

7. Do not talk about the random accessories, such as no muffler, fuel tank, oil pipeline, what class of battery, how much capacity battery, several battery, etc. Actually, these attachments are very important and must be stated in the contract. What's more, they don't even have the fan of the water tank with them, so that customers can open the water tank themselves.

8. Do not talk about the brand class of diesel engine and generator, the configuration of control system, and the after-sales service, but only about the price and delivery date. Some also use non-power station special oil machines, such as Marine diesel engine and car diesel engine for generating units. The quality (voltage and frequency) of the terminal product of the unit cannot be guaranteed. The unit with too low price has problem commonly, commonly known as: buy wrong not to sell wrong!

9. The diesel generator set is an important standby power equipment, which should be purchased with caution and used with ease.

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